Art & Design/Papermaking (ARPG)

ARPG 260  Introduction to Papermaking  (3 credits)

Basic methods of making handmade paper as an art form; history and basic principles of handmade paper; contemporary directions and methods of forming.

ARPG 360  Intermediate Papermaking  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): ARPG 260. Continuation of ARPG 260. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms.

ARPG 460  Advanced Papermaking  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): ARPG 360. Continuation of ARPG 360. Development of personal expression and direction in the body of work produced. May be repeated for a maximum of nine credits.

ARPG 520  Graduate Introduction to Papermaking  (3 credits)

An introduction to Western methods of hand papermaking as an art form including historic principles and current applications.

ARPG 530  Graduate Intermediate Papermaking I  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): ARPG 520. Pigment and pulp preparation and vacuum table sheet forming.

ARPG 620  Graduate Advanced Papermaking  (3 credits)

Prerequisite(s): ARPG 530. Independent historical research combined with contemporary studio work. May be repeated for a maximum of nine credits.