Animation and Illustration Major (B.F.A.)

The Animation/Illustration Major is an interdisciplinary program balancing traditional forms of creative storytelling with state-of-the-art technology. This approach prepares students for challenging careers in areas such as 2-D and 3-D animation, advertising, book and editorial illustration, and comic and children’s book art. The program is based in the Department of Art and Design. For further information, go to: Animation/Illustration (BFA)

Program Requirements

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I. General Education
A. New Student Seminar1
C. Communication
1. Writing3
2. Literature3
3. Communication3
F. Humanities
1. Great Works and Their Influences - Fulfilled by ARHT 105 or 106 in the major.0
2. Philosophical and Religious Perspectives3
G. Computer Science3
K. Social Science
1. American and European History3
II. World Languages and Cultures
A. World Languages6
B. World Cultures - Fulfilled by ARHT 101 or ARTX 201 in the major.0
III. Major Requirements
A. Core Requirements
ARFD 100Perceptual Drawing3
ARFD 101Surface3
ARFD 102Drawing as Research3
ARFD 103Color and Light3
ARFD 104Space3
B. Program Core Requirements
ARFD 106Digital Literacy3
ARFD 200Time3
ARFD 400Art and Design Forum3
ARHT 102Visual Culture3
ARHT 101Special Topics in Global Art Cultures3
or ARTX 201 Culture and Appearance
ARHT 105Global Foundations in Art and Visual Culture3
or ARHT 106 Modern Visions 1400-1945
ARHT 306Critical Design Studies3
C. Major Requirements
ARIL 101Introduction to Animation and Illustration3
ENTR 201The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation3
ARIL 2023D Character Building3
ARHT 282History of Animation and Illustration3
ARIL 200Digital Painting Methods3
ARIL 2622D Animation3
ARIL 310Motion Graphics-Compositing I3
ARIL 225Art of the Visual Narrative3
COED 401Cooperative Education Experience I3
ARIL 422Final Project I4
ARIL 423Animation/Illustration Thesis II4
D. Animation or Illustration Track
Complete either the Animation or Illustration track requirements below.24
Total Credits120
Animation Track
Animation Track Requirements
ARIL 3213D Character Rigging3
ARIL 330Visual Effects/Compositing II3
ARIL 325Interactive Game Development I3
ARIL 425Animation: Game Development II3
ARIL 455Animation: Collaborative Production3
Animation Track Electives
Complete three courses from the following:9
Life Drawing, Beginning I
Intermediate Digital Painting Methods
Experimental Animation
Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
Creating Your Startup Business Model
Preparing to Pitch and Launch Your Startup
Digital Filmmaking I
Introduction to Screenwriting
Total Credits24
Illustration Track
Illustration Track Requirements
ARIL 300Intermediate Digital Painting Methods3
ARIL 315Illustration Studio: Concepts3
ARIL 311Illustration Studio II: Cartooning3
ARIL 401Illustration Studio III: Editorial3
ARDW 201Life Drawing, Beginning I3
Illustration Track Electives
Complete three courses from the following:9
3D Character Rigging
Interactive Game Development I
Visual Effects/Compositing II
Professional Business Practice for Illustration
Creating Your Startup Business Model
Preparing to Pitch and Launch Your Startup
Total Credits24