Business Administration Major, Business Analytics Concentration (B.S.)

There is a tremendous amount and variety of data that is being created and stored. Properly exploited big data can provide businesses and governments with more precise and immediate information to make important decisions affecting critical issues. Business analytics is the set of tools and techniques that makes it possible to translate big data into insight and information for efficient decision making. Professionals who are proficient in business analytics are in serious short supply and are very valuable to their employers.

The undergraduate concentration in Business Analytics has been designed to provide the students with exactly these skills and make them competitive in this market. They will learn how to navigate the world of distributed storage and computing and learn how to use powerful statistical and mathematical techniques to arrive at implementable solutions to business problems.  The emphasis of this concentration is on giving you practical skills. A capstone practicum will give the students an opportunity to apply the skills they have learned to a live business problem in a real company.

Program Requirements

Students must complete General Education requirements and World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Business Administration Required Core
Business Fundamentals
ACCT 204Fundamentals of Accounting3
BSLW 235Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment of Business3
BUGN 280Strategic Business Communications3
INBS 250Introduction to International Business3
INFO 290Technology in Business3
Integrated Core
BUGN 295Elements of Business3
FINC 300Integrated Core: Finance3
INFO 300Integrated Core: Operations Management3
MGMT 300Integrated Core: Management3
MGMT 439Applied Business Strategy3
MKTG 300Integrated Core: Marketing3
Business Analytics Concentration
Required Courses
INFO 310Database Management Systems3
INFO 357Introduction to Data Ecosystems3
INFO 365Foundations of Business Analytics3
INFO 366Managing Big Data3
INFO 367Structured Data Analytics3
INFO 368Unstructured Data Analytics3
INFO 400Business Analytics Capstone Practicum3
Selected Courses
Select two of the following:6
Fundamentals of Project Management
Inferential Statistical Methods with Business Applications
Regression Modeling in Business
Decision and Risk Analysis
Pricing Analytics and Revenue Management
Information Security System Management
Business Process Analysis and Enterprise Systems
Data Analysis and Visualization
Independent Study in Information Systems
Special Topics in Information Systems
Business Administration Collaterals
ECON 101Applied Macroeconomics3
ECON 102Applied Microeconomics3
INFO 173Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Decisions3
INFO 240Statistical Methods in Business3
Business Administration Career Learning
BUGN 310Campus to Career Transition I0
BUGN 320Campus To Career Transition II0
BUGN 330Campus To Career Transition III0
BUGN 340Campus To Career Transition IV0
Total Credits72