Educational Foundations for Elementary Teachers (B.A.)

Educational Foundations for Elementary Teachers is a Bachelors of Arts degree that prepares students for a career in education, with the option of pursuing teacher certification in elementary education (Kindergarten-Grade 6). The course of study includes theories of learning, assessment, and human development, as well as key social, historical, and philosophical trends in American schools. It is designed to enhance students’ core content knowledge in essential subject areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. As such, our program provides its graduates with rigorous educational and content knowledge necessary to teach in elementary school classrooms.

Different from other majors, our program is comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, concise, and targeted; with only 120 credit hours to complete the degree. Admission to the Teacher Education program is a separate process and it is not guaranteed by the admission to this major, however, individuals interested in earning a K-6 certification will find that our program provides a seamless transition and alignment with the course of study needed for certification. Alternatively, for those individuals who do not intend to pursue certification, our program includes 27 credits as free electives, to provide students with a range of options to earn another major or minor.

Program Requirements

Click here for a list of courses that fulfill General Education categories.

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I. General Education
A. New Student Seminar1
C. Communication
1. Writing
WRIT 105College Writing I3
2. Literature - Fulfilled by ENGL 255, ENGL 260, ENGL 294, ENGL 305, ENGL 353, ENGL 354, GRIN 226, GERM 226 or HUMN 285 in the major.0
3. Communication - Fulfilled by CMST 101 in the major.0
D. Fine and Performing Arts3
F. Humanities
1. Great Works and Their Influences0
2. Philosophical and Religious Perspectives - Fulfilled by EDFD 220 in the major.0
G. Computer Science3
H. Mathematics
Fulfilled by MTHM 201 in the major.0
I. Natural/Physical Science
Fulfilled by BIOL (or other BIOL) in the major.0
J. Physical Education1
K. Social Science
1. American and European History - Fulfilled by EDFD 221 in the major.0
2. Global Cultural Perspectives0
3. Social Science Perspectives - Fulfilled by PSYC 101 in the major.0
L. Interdisciplinary Studies
Fulfilled by ECEL 200 in the major.0
II. World Languages and Cultures Requirement
A. World Languages
B. World Cultures0
Complete 2 sequential courses in one world language.6
III. Major Requirements
A. Educational Foundations
EDFD 180Foundations of Education: Social, Cultural, and Political Contexts3
EDFD 200Psychological Foundations of Education3
EDFD 220Philosophical Orientation to Education3
EDFD 221Historical Foundations of American Education3
EDFD 300Assessment, Learning Sciences and Ethics3
EDFD 449Current Issues in American Education3
B. Required Courses in Mathematics
MTHM 201Mathematics in Elementary Schools I3
MTHM 302Mathematics in Elementary Schools II3
With advisor approval, select one 400-level mathematics class.3
C. Required Courses in Sciences
BIOL 100Biological Sciences4
EAES 170World Geography3
ECEL 300Scientific Inquiry in Elementary Schools I (PreK-6th Grade)3
ECEL 301Scientific Inquiry in Elementary Schools II (PreK-6th Grade)3
D. Required Courses in Social Sciences
HIST 117History of the United States to 18763
HIST 118History of the United States Since 18763
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3
With advisor approval, select one course at the 300- or 400-level in History, Political Science and Law, or Anthropology.3
E. Required Courses in Literature/Language Arts
READ 399Early Literacy Development and Instruction3
READ 408Literacy in the Elementary Grades3
Select one of the following:3
College Writing II
Introduction to Literature: The Short Story
Select one of the following:3
The Golden Age of Children's Literature
Art of Poetry
Women Poets
Young Adult Literature
Shakespeare: Comedies-Histories
Shakespeare: Tragedies-Romances
Fairy Tales from Grimm to Disney
Fairy Tales from Grimm to Disney
F. Additional/Collateral Coursework
CMST 101Fundamentals of Speech: Communication Requirement3
ECEL 200Perspectives on Early Childhood and Elementary Education in a Democracy3
FSHD 214Child Development I3
FSHD 314Child Development II: Adolescence3
IV. Free Electives27
Total Credits120