Environmental Justice Minor

This multidisciplinary minor offers students a theoretical and applied course of study in environmental justice, an emerging interdisciplinary field. It is designed for students seeking an increased involvement in the government and community life. The minor provides a solid foundation for those pursuing a graduate degree in Environmental Law as well as careers in federal, state and local agencies. Environmental Justice is increasingly among the considerations of both government policy makers and community organization.

Program Requirements

ENJU Minor Required Courses
JUST 205Perspectives on Justice Studies3
JUST 314Environmental Justice3
ENJU Minor Elective Courses
Select two of the following: 16
Environmental Crime
Animals and Justice
International Environmental Issues
Wildlife Trafficking
Women and the Environment
Select two of the following:6-8
Environmental Anthropology
The Living World
Planet Earth
Earth and the Environment
The Human Environment
The Human Environment
Human Geography
The Geography of Life and Death
Environmental Policy
Urbanization and Environment
Foundations of Environmental Health
Sociology of Health and Illness
Environmental Sociology
Social Change in a Global World
Total Credits18-20