Latin, Instructional Certification: Teacher Certification in Latin (Preschool-Grade 12) - Graduate

Program Requirements

Teaching Field Requirements
Required Courses
Select six of the following:18
Intermediate Latin I
Intermediate Latin II
Latin Literature of the Republic
Latin Literature of the Golden Age
Latin Literature of the Silver Age
Latin Literature of the Middle Ages
Latin Composition
Advanced Latin Grammar
Roman Letter Writing
Roman Drama
Roman Lyric Poetry
Roman Biography
Linguistic History of the Latin Language
Roman Historians
The Epic and Vergil
Lucretius and Ancient Science
Caesar: End of the Republic
Roman Satire
The Elegy
Senior Seminar
Study Abroad
Special Topics in Advanced Latin Readings
Cicero: Ancient Philosophy
The Comedy of Plautus
Teaching Latin in Secondary and Middle Schools
Special Topics in Latin Literature
Law in Roman Society
Select three of the following:9
Troy and the Trojan War
Introduction to Classical Archaeology
Classicism and American Culture
Greek Civilization
Roman Civilization
Introduction to Roman Law
Teaching Methods
LATN 419Methods of Teaching Latin3
Total Credits30
Additional Requirements for State Certification
CMST 101Fundamentals of Speech: Communication Requirement 13
Physiology and Hygiene
Pass the MSU Health Knowledge Test available through the Center of Pedagogy or have the Undergraduate equivalent course approved by advisor.
Educational Psychology
EDFD 582Learning Theories3
or PSYC 560 Advanced Educational Psychology
Graduate Professional Sequence
Introductory Sequence
EDFD 505Teaching, Democracy, and Schooling3
or SASE 505 Teaching, Democracy, and Schooling
SASE 518Technology Integration in the Classroom1
Diversity and Instructional Sequence
EDFD 509Sociocultural Perspectives on Curriculum and Assessment3
or SASE 509 Sociocultural Perspectives on Curriculum and Assessment
EDFD 516Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners1
or SASE 516 Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners
SASE 517Inclusive Classrooms in Middle and Secondary Schools 21
READ 501Techniques of Reading Improvement in the Secondary School3
EDFD 519Assessment for Authentic Learning3
or SASE 519 Assessment for Authentic Learning
Pedagogical Sequence I
SASE 526Seminar in Inclusive Pedagogies3
SASE 527Clinical Practice I3
Pedagogical Sequence II
SASE 514In-Service Graduate Clinical Practice II 36
or SASE 529 Clinical Practice II
SASE 543Advanced Seminar in Inclusive Pedagogies3
Total Credits36

Additional Requirements for State Certification

The following additional requirements must be met prior to student teaching. Upon admission to the program, the student's submitted transcripts are evaluated to determine if any of these requirements have been fulfilled by previous coursework. In such cases, the requirement(s) appears on the degree audit as being waived.

  • CMST 101 or Speech Challenge Exam or documented & approved experience
  • Physiology & Hygiene - free test at county office of education or BIOL/HLTH course
  • Educational Psychology - EDFD 582 or PSYC 560
  • Psychology or equivalent undergraduate course work

Note: Certification requirements are subject to change.