Law and Governance (M.A.) (Combined B.A. Jurisprudence, Law and Society/M.A.)

Program Requirements

12 credits will be applied from the Undergraduate program.

Required Courses
LAWS 512Statutory and Regulatory Analysis3
LAWS 513Ethical and Professional Issues in the Legal Environment3
LAWS 520Private Civil Responsibility: Contracts and Torts3
LAWS 553Arbitration and Other Alternative Adjudicative Processes3
Electives and Culminating Experience
Departmental Electives
Select 21 credits from the list (see below)21
Culminating Experience
Submit completed Thesis and one copy to Graduate Office. See Thesis Guidelines for details.
LAWS 698Master's Thesis3
Total Credits36

Departmental Electives

LAWS 525Jurisprudence3
LAWS 531Administrative Law3
LAWS 537Entertainment Law3
LAWS 538Trademark Law3
LAWS 545Cyberlaw3
LAWS 547Intellectual Property: Copyright, Licensing, and Advertising3
LAWS 551Negotiation Theory and Practice3
LAWS 552Mediation Theory and Practice3
LAWS 554Conflict Management and Peer Mediation in Schools3
LAWS 555Family Mediation3
LAWS 556Dispute Resolution in the Workplace3
LAWS 557Law Office Financial Management3
LAWS 558Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution3
LAWS 559Advanced Conflict Management3
LAWS 560Bullying Prevention3
LAWS 572Legal Information Management3
LAWS 573Seminar in Law and Literature3
LAWS 574Human Rights Law3
LAWS 577International Law and Transnational Legal Issues3
LAWS 578Legal Aspects of Human Resource Management3
LAWS 579Private Sector Compliance With Public Regulations3
LAWS 580Field Experience in Law and Governance3
LAWS 581Cooperative Education in Law and Governance4
LAWS 588Independent Study in Law and Governance1-4
LAWS 590Environmental Law and Policy3
LAWS 599Special Topics in Law and Governance3
POLS 524The Third World in the International System3
POLS 525International Relations3
POLS 526The International Political Economy3
POLS 531Globalization and Security3
POLS 532U.S.Immigration: Law and Politics3
POLS 560Politics of Terrorism3