Linguistics Major, ASL/English Interpreting Concentration, (B.A.)

The 51 credit Linguistics major with a concentration in American Sign Language provides students with advanced language knowledge of American Sign Language, competence in the linguistic structure of American Sign Language, and an understanding of the status of American Sign Language as the status of the deaf cultural minority in the United States.

Program Requirements

Students must complete General Education requirements and World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Required Courses
LNGN 210Introduction to General Linguistics3
LNGN 220Structure of American English3
LNGN 230Language in Society3
or LNGN 245 Language and Culture
LNGN 300Syntax3
LNGN 301Semantics3
or LNGN 302 Pragmatics
ASL/English Interpreting Concentration Courses
LNGN 350Linguistics of American Sign Language and Other Signed Languages3
LNGN 351Gesture, Sign, and Speech: The Multi-Modality of Communication3
AMSL 203Academic American Sign Language3
AMSL 260Theory and Practice for ASL-English Interpreters3
AMSL 360Discourse Analysis for ASL-English Interpreting3
AMSL 361Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting I3
AMSL 362Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting II3
AMSL 363Ethical Decision Making in ASL-English Interpreting3
AMSL 460Advanced ASL-English Interpreting3
AMSL 461ASL-English Interpreting Practicum3
Electives in Linguistics and ASL/English Interpreting6
Complete 6 credits from the following:
Language of Food
Languages of the World
Language of Propaganda
Language and Gender
History of Linguistics
Bilingualism 1
History of the English Language
Introduction to Cognitive Science 1
Introduction to Cognitive Science
Semantics 1
Principles of Discourse Analysis 1
Principles of Second Language Learning 1
Comparative and Historical Linguistics
Language and the Mind 1
Field Methods
Natural Language Processing
Special Topics in Linguistics
Independent Study
Psycholinguistics 1
Seminar in Cognitive Science
Total Credits51