Nutrition and Food Science Major, Food Systems Concentration (B.S.)(Combined B.S./M.S.)

Program Requirements

Students must complete General Education requirements and World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Requirements for the graduate portion of this dual degree program can be found here.
Nutrition and Food Science Core
NUFD 130Introduction to Nutrition and Food Science Profession1
NUFD 150Food Composition and Scientific Preparation3
NUFD 153Dynamics of Food and Society3
NUFD 192Nutrition with Laboratory4
NUFD 240Sanitation Management and Food Microbiology: Certification1
NUFD 258Experimental Food Science3
NUFD 381Applied Nutrition in the Lifecycle3
Food Systems Concentration Requirements
Required Courses
NUFD 253Quantity Food Purchasing and Production3
NUFD 299Professional Development for Careers in Nutrition, Food and Wellness3
NUFD 310International Cultures and Cuisines3
NUFD 353Catering and Banquet Management3
NUFD 392Food Systems and Agribusineses Issues3
Complete 9-10 credits from the following:9-10
Gender in Food and Nutrition Issues
Urban Agriculture and Sustainable Food Systems
Molecular Cuisine
Concepts of the Sommelier
Special Topics in Nutrition and Food Science
Special Topics in Advanced Culinary Techniques
Food Systems Collaterals
CHEM 113Fundamentals of Chemistry4
STAT 109Statistics3
Graduate Level Courses 1
NUFD 505Research in Nutrition and Food Science3
NUFD 580Current Applications in Nutrition3
NUFD 587Practicum3
NUFD 588Organizational Behavior in Food Businesses3
Total Credits61-62