Performance, Woodwind Doubling Concentration (M.M.)

Program Requirements

Core Requirements
MUAP 521Applied Music I2
MUAP 522Applied Music II2
MUAP 623Applied Music III2
MUAP 624Applied Music IV2
MUHS 604Seminar in Historical Research3
MUHS 605Seminar in Historical and Theoretical Studies3
or MUHS 549 Music Since 1960
MUCP 511Musical Style and Analysis3
or MUCP 512 Music Systems of Analysis and Composition
MUMG 501Performance Entrepreneurship3
Concentration Requirements
MUAS 521Applied Music I/Additional Instrument2
MUAS 522Applied Music II/Additional Instrument2
MUAS 623Applied Music III/Additional Instrument2
MUAS 624Applied Music IV/Additional Instrument2
MUAP 511Applied Music I1
MUAP 512Applied Music II1
MUAP 611Applied Music I1
MUAP 612Applied Music II1
MULT 501Woodwind Literature and Performance Practicum2
Complete three semester hours from the following:3
Ensemble: Chorus
Ensemble: Orchestra
Ensemble: Band I
Ensemble: Opera Workshop I
Chamber Ensemble Performance I
Chamber Ensemble Performance II
Chamber Ensemble Performance IV
Chamber Ensemble Performance III
Any graduate level music course not already taken to fulfill a specific core or concentration requirement (and for which prerequisite or equivalents have been met) may be taken as a Music Elective.3
Culminating Experience
MUPR 695Graduate Recital 10
In the term that you will sit for exam, register for the section which matches your major and advisor. Successfully pass the exam.
Comprehensive Examination
Total Credits40