Physics Major, Pre-Medical Concentration (B.S.)

Program Requirements

Students must complete General Education requirements and World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Physics Core
PHYS 191University Physics I4
PHYS 192University Physics II4
PHYS 198Introductory Physics Seminar1
PHYS 210Intermediate Mechanics3
PHYS 220Oscillations, Waves, and Optics3
PHYS 230Intermediate Physics Laboratory4
PHYS 320Statistical and Thermal Physics3
PHYS 330Advanced Physics Laboratory4
PHYS 340Electricity and Magnetism3
PHYS 360Modern Physics3
Concentration Requirements
PHYS 452Medical Physics Seminar3
CHEM 230Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 231Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 232Experimental Organic Chemistry I2
CHEM 370Biochemistry I3
BIOL 112Principles of Biology I4
BIOL 113Principles of Biology II4
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3
Physics Electives
Complete 3-4 semester hours from the following (PHYS 451 is recommended if offered):3-4
Fundamentals of Electronics
Computational Physics
Electronics and Digital Circuits
Modern Optics
Fluid Mechanics
Mathematical Physics
Special Topics in Physics
Radiation and Medical Physics
Nuclear Physics
Quantum Mechanics
Research or Independent Study in Physics
Collateral Requirements
CSIT 104Python Programming I3
CHEM 120General Chemistry I4
CHEM 121General Chemistry II4
MATH 122Calculus I4
or AMAT 120 Applied Calculus A
MATH 221Calculus II4
or AMAT 220 Applied Calculus B
MATH 222Calculus III4
Total Credits83-84