Computational Linguistics (M.S.)

Program Requirements

Foundation Courses
Students with a background other than Linguistics or Computer Science will have to complete up to 11 credits of foundation courses. 0-11
Language and Linguistics
Discrete Mathematics in Computing
Python Programming
Required Courses
APLN 504Syntax3
APLN 505Semantics and Pragmatics3
APLN 506Phonetics and Phonology3
APLN 550Computational Linguistics3
APLN 552Special Topics in Natural Language Processing3
APLN 553Text Analysis Tools3
CSIT 506Data Structures with Python4
CSIT 598Machine Learning3
Complete at least 2 courses from the following:6
Quantitative Linguistics
The Structure of American Sign Language
Corpus Linguistics
Linguistic Annotation
Language and Mobile Communication
Special Topics in Applied Linguistics
Statistics for Data Science
Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization
Big Data Analytics
Database Systems
Data Mining
Computer Algorithms and Analysis
Introduction to Data Mining for Business
Linear Algebra I
Culminating Experience
APLN 605Research Questions in Applied Linguistics1
Total Credits32-43