Earth and Environmental Science Major (B.S.)

120 credits of coursework is required for the baccalaureate degree with a minimum 2.0 overall GPA, and a minimum 2.0 major GPA.

Program Requirements

Students must complete General Education requirements and World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Major Requirements
EAES 105Physical Geology4
EAES 220Mineralogy4
EAES 240Earth System History4
EAES 302Structural Geology3
EAES 320Igneous Metamorphic Petrology4
EAES 342Invertebrate Paleobiology4
EAES 441Stratigraphy4
EAES 404Field Geology6
Math Collateral
Select one of the following sequences:7-8
Math Sequence A
Applied Precalculus
and Applied Calculus A
Math Sequence B
Calculus I
and Calculus II
Physics Collateral
Select one of the following sequences:8
University Physics I
and University Physics II
College Physics I
and College Physics II
Chemistry Collateral
CHEM 120General Chemistry I4
CHEM 121General Chemistry II4
Major Electives
Select 11 credits from the list below:11
Total Credits67-68

Major Electives

EAES 200Geomorphology3
EAES 201Understanding Weather and Climate4
EAES 204Geology Field Trip1
EAES 210Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing3
EAES 211Aerial Photograph Interpretation3
EAES 212Map Reading and Cartography4
EAES 230Hydrology3
EAES 250Introduction to Marine Sciences4
EAES 301Climatology3
EAES 310Geographic Information Systems (GIS)3
EAES 311Fundamentals of Remote Sensing of Environment3
EAES 321Economic Geology3
EAES 322Environmental Geochemistry3
EAES 330Fluvial Geography3
EAES 331Geohydrology3
EAES 332Hydroclimatology3
EAES 340Sedimentology4
EAES 341Principles of Soil Science3
EAES 350Oceanography3
EAES 361Environmental Policy3
EAES 403Meteorology4
EAES 443Geology of the Vertebrates4
EAES 451Coastal Marine Geology4
EAES 452Dynamic Beach Processes2
EAES 453Tidal Marsh Sedimentations2
EAES 454Human Impact on the Coastal Zone4
EAES 455Field Methods in Oceanography2
EAES 456Physical Oceanography4
EAES 459Independent Study in the Marine Sciences1-4
EAES 460Environmental Law3
EAES 470The Geology of New Jersey3
EAES 494Independent Study in Geoscience1-4
EAES 499Special Topics in Earth and Environmental Studies1-4
PHYS 280Astronomy for Physicists4