Jurisprudence, Law and Society (B.A.) (Combined B.A./M.A. Law and Governance)

This degree combines a Jurisprudence major with the MA in Law and Governance.

Program Requirements

Requirements for the graduate portion of this dual degree program can be found here.

Students must complete 42 credits of General Education requirements and 3-9 credits of World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Major Requirements
JURI 210Perspectives on Law3
or LAWS 200 Introduction to Law
JURI 300Essentials of Jurisprudence3
JURI 495Senior Research and Writing Seminar in Jurisprudence I3
JURI 496Senior Research and Writing Seminar in Jurisprudence II3
LAWS 302Legal Research3
JURI 324Legal Reasoning3
or PHIL 324 Legal Reasoning
Major Electives
Select two of the following:6
Theories of Conflict
Feminist Jurisprudence
Feminist Jurisprudence
Seminar in Comparative Legal Systems
Human Rights Law
Special Topics in Jurisprudence (May be taken twice for credit)
Legal Writing
Advocacy and Persuasion
American Government and Politics
Law in Society: Civil Law
American Constitutional Law: The Federal System
American Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
Animal Rights: Law, Politics and Culture
U.S. Immigration: Law and Politics
Comparative Legal Perspectives: Israel and the United States
Politics and Morality of War
International Law
Globalization and Security
Other Major Electives
Select one of the following:3
Philosophical Issues in Law and Justice
Critical Reasoning and Arguments
Philosophy of Law
Select one of the following:3
Creative Nonfiction
English Vocabulary: Classical Roots
General Humanities II (from 1400)
Roman Civilization
Language of the Law
Seminar in Law and Literature
Language of Propaganda
Style and Editing
Select one of the following:3
Forensic Interviewing of Children
Social History of the United States
Political History of the United States
Cultural and Intellectual History of the United States Since 1880
Pre-Law Internship
American Political Thought
The American Congress
American Public Policy
Forensic Psychology
Sociology of Law
Required BA/MA Courses
Courses count towards the BA and the MA
LAWS 512Statutory and Regulatory Analysis3
LAWS 513Ethical and Professional Issues in the Legal Environment3
LAWS 520Private Civil Responsibility: Contracts and Torts3
LAWS 553Arbitration and Other Alternative Adjudicative Processes3
Total Credits45