Mathematics (M.S.)

Program Requirements

Core Courses
MATH 521Real Variables I3
MATH 531Abstract Algebra I3
MATH 535Linear Algebra I3
MATH 540Probability3
Complete 15 credits from the list below.15
Culminating Experience
Complete one of the following options:3
Culminating Experience for PSM
Master's Thesis
Submit the completed thesis original and one copy to the Graduate School. See Thesis Guidelines for details.
Total Credits30


Students may take up to 2 of the following if equivalent courses have not been taken previously
MATH 515Intermediate Analysis I3
MATH 516Intermediate Analysis II3
MATH 518Foundations of Abstract Algebra3
Select 9-15 credits from the following:
AMAT 530Scientific and Numerical Computing I3
AMAT 532Applied Linear Algebra3
AMAT 534Data-Driven Modeling and Computation3
AMAT 536Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes3
AMAT 540Scientific and Numerical Computing II3
AMAT 542Methods of Applied Mathematics3
AMAT 544Applied Differential Equations3
AMAT 546Mathematical Biology3
AMAT 548Nonlinear Dynamics3
AMAT 649Independent Study3
CSIT 515Software Engineering3
CSIT 540Computer Networks3
CSIT 555Database Systems3
CSIT 571Computer Algorithms and Analysis3
MATH 522Real Variables II3
MATH 525Complex Variables I3
MATH 526Complex Variables II3
MATH 530Mathematical Computing3
MATH 532Abstract Algebra II3
MATH 536Linear Algebra II3
MATH 551Topology3
MATH 554Projective Geometry3
MATH 560Numerical Analysis3
MATH 562General Relativity3
MATH 564Ordinary Differential Equations3
MATH 566Partial Differential Equations3
MATH 568Applied Mathematics: Continuous3
MATH 569Applied Mathematics: Discrete3
MATH 580Combinatorial Mathematics3
MATH 581Graph Theory3
MATH 584Operations Research3
MATH 585Fundamentals of Scientific Computing3
MATH 586Fundamentals of Mathematical Models3
MATH 587Fundamentals of Optimization3
MATH 590Special Topics in Advanced Mathematics3
MATH 591Applied Industrial Mathematics3
MATH 595Seminar1-4
MATH 690Independent Study in Mathematics3
STAT 532Fundamentals of Statistics3
STAT 534Statistical Computing3
STAT 536Statistical Theory3
STAT 537Design and Analysis of Experiments3
STAT 538Regression Methods3
STAT 545Practicum in Statistics I3
STAT 546Non-Parametric Statistics3
STAT 549Sampling Techniques3
STAT 561Statistical Data Mining I3
STAT 562Statistical Data Mining II3
STAT 570Statistical Consulting3
STAT 595Special Topics in Statistics3
STAT 597Research Methods in Statistical Science3
STAT 640Biostatistics: Categorical Data Analysis3
STAT 641Biostatistics: Clinical Trials and Survival Analysis3
STAT 642Introduction to Stochastic Processes3
STAT 645Special Topics in Advanced Statistics3
STAT 646Multivariate Analysis3
STAT 647Practicum in Statistics II3
STAT 648Advanced Statistical Methods3
STAT 649Independent Study in Statistics3
STAT 656Functional Analysis3
STAT 657Advanced Design and Analysis of Experiments3