Physical Education Major with Teacher Certification in Health and Physical Education (Preschool-Grade 12) (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with teacher certification prepares the student to teach health and physical education in a P-12 school setting. The program provides strong theoretical and applied knowledge for working with children at all stages of developmental in both health and physical education.

The mission of the program is consistent with the mission of the University. It strives to develop educated persons to be competent in careers that contribute to the growth, development, and well-being of all people. The mission of the program is to prepare effective teachers of health and physical education who can act as facilitators of learning, communicators of knowledge, and contributing decision makers in order to enhance the quality of life of all children. We also prepare graduates to serve as educational leaders contributing to the development and maintenance of quality health and physical education programs in the schools.

Montclair State University’s Teacher Education Program is one of the most highly-regarded teacher preparation programs in the country. It has been consistently recognized both nationally and regionally for its unique features, including its structure, partnerships, and curricular emphases. The program is considered a model for other colleges and universities and has continuously been accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), formerly the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) since 1954.

The Teacher Education Program’s professional course sequence and field experiences emphasize teaching for critical thinking and culturally responsive teaching. The undergraduate program reflects a balance of a liberal education and professional preparation by combining rigorous general education, subject matter specialization, and professional training. The professional component for both undergraduates and graduate students addresses four broad areas:

  1. Student development and learning
  2. The classroom and the school
  3. The curriculum
  4. Effective teaching skills

Students who wish to pursue P-12 teacher certification must apply to and be admitted to the Teacher Education Program. Please visit the Teacher Education Program website for the required professional sequence of courses and other important Program requirements, guidelines, and procedures. Students also are strongly advised to review the Teacher Education Program Handbook.

120 credits of coursework is required for the baccalaureate degree with a minimum 3.0 overall GPA.  Major GPA requirements differ depending on field of study. Consult the Teacher Education Program Handbook for more information.

Program Requirements

Click here for a list of courses that fulfill General Education categories.

Click here for a list of courses that fulfill World Languages and Cultures categories.

I. General Education
A. New Student Seminar
Fulfilled by HPEM 199 in the major.0
C. Communication
1. Writing
WRIT 105College Writing I3
2. Literature
WRIT 106College Writing II3
3. Communication
CMST 101Fundamentals of Speech: Communication Requirement3
F. Humanities
1. Great Works and Their Influences3
2. Philosophical and Religious Perspectives 3
G. Computer Science3
H. Mathematics
STAT 103The Development of Statistics3
or MATH 104 Fractals and Infinity
or MATH 106 Creative Thinking through Mathematics
or STAT 109 Statistics
or STAT 110 Statistics for the Biological Sciences
I. Natural Science Laboratory
Fulfilled by BIOL 244 in the major.0
K. Social Science
1. American and European History 3
2. Global Cultural Perspectives3
3. Social Science Perspectives – Fulfilled by EDFD 200 in the Teacher Education sequence.0
L. Interdisciplinary Studies
Fulfilled by HLTH 295 in the major.0
II. World Languages
A. World Languages3
III. Major Requirements
A. Required Theory Courses
HLTH 208Study of Human Diseases3
HLTH 215Drug Education in the Schools3
HLTH 222Mental Health in the Schools3
HLTH 295Sexuality Education in the Schools3
HPEM 199Freshman Seminar in Health and Physical Education1
HPEM 352Development and Philosophy of Health and Physical Education3
HPEM 356Management of Health, Physical Education, Athletics and Fitness Programs3
PEMJ 320Physiology of Exercise4
PEMJ 321Kinesiology3
PEMJ 324Basic Motor Learning3
PEMJ 351Adapted Physical Education3
B. Required Skills Courses
PEMJ 131Fitness Activities3
PEMJ 152Introduction to Fielding and Target Games3
PEMJ 153Introduction to Invasion and Net Games3
PEMJ 235Movement Experiences in Physical Education3
PEMJ 335Teaching of Elementary Physical Education3
C. Collateral Course
BIOL 244Anatomy and Physiology I4
IV. Teacher Education Sequence
See requirements below.39
Total Credits120

Teacher Ed Program Requirements (P-12)

Teacher Ed Pre-Requisite Requirements
EDFD 200Psychological Foundations of Education3
or PSYC 200 Educational Psychology
or FSHD 216 Adolescent Development
SASE 210Public Purposes of Education: Democracy and Schooling3
Professional Sequence
Professional Sequence Courses
SASE 320Curriculum Design for Inclusive Classrooms3
SASE 321Assessment Practices for Inclusive Classrooms3
SASE 322Language and Learning in Content Area Teaching3
Methods Course(s)
Select a Teaching Methods course or courses according to major:3-7
Foundations of Methods and Curriculum in Art Education II: P-12 (Visual Arts major.)
Dance Methods (Dance major.)
Teaching English (secondary) (English major.)
Teaching French in P-12: Practice (French major.)
The Teaching of Health
and Teaching of Secondary Physical Education (Physical Education major.)
The Teaching of Italian in Elementary and Secondary Schools (Italian major.)
Methods of Teaching Latin (Latin major.)
Methods and Material of TESL (Linguistics major.)
Teaching of Mathematics (Mathematics major.)
Music Classroom Methods I
and Music Classroom Methods II (Music major.)
The Teaching of Science in Secondary Schools (Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Science, or Physics majors.)
Methods of Teaching Social Studies
Teaching Spanish in K-12
Theatre Teaching Methods
Professional Year Courses
SASE 450Clinical Practice I3
SASE 451Seminar in Inclusive Pedagogies3
SASE 452Advanced Seminar in Inclusive Pedagogies3
SASE 453Clinical Practice II9
Total Credits36-40