Spanish Major (B.A.)(Combined B.A./M.A.)

The Dual Degree program in Spanish is an accelerated five-year option designed for students who wish to pursue baccalaureate and master's degrees simultaneously.  Students who have already completed a baccalaureate degree are not eligible.

Program Requirements

Students must complete General Education requirements and World Languages and Cultures Requirements.

Required Courses
SPAN 241Fundamentals of Spanish Grammar3
SPAN 242Spanish Composition and Stylistics3
SPAN 348Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics3
SPAN 349Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies3
SPAN 361Voices of the Past and Present: Spain3
SPAN 363Voices of the Past and Present: Latin America3
Elective Courses
Select four of the following:12
Special Topics in Spanish and Latin American Literature
Spanish Study Abroad
Spanish Film and Fiction
Contemporary Spanish Novel
Spanish Poetry and Drama of the 19th Century
Spanish Prose of the 19th Century
Contemporary Spanish Theater
The Latin American Essay
Contemporary Spanish-American Short Story
Contemporary Latin American Poetry
The Spanish-American Novel
El Quijote
Contemporary Latin American Theater
The Drama of the Golden Age
Senior Seminar
Contemporary Trends in the Spanish-American Novel
Puerto Rican Literature and Thought
Sexual Subversion in Contemporary Hispanic Literature and Film
Independent Study
SPAN 374Cultural Studies: Spain3
or SPAN 376 Cultural Studies: Latin America and the Caribbean
Select one of the following:3
Spanish for Business
Negotiation Skills in Spanish
Introduction to Spanish Phonetics
Spanish Conversation
Special Topics in the Spanish Language
Theory and Practice of Translation
Fundamentals of Specialized Translation
Advanced Spanish Grammar
Audiovisual Translation
Introduction to Interpreting
Capstone Course in Translation
Graduate Requirements
Required Graduate Course
SPAN 504Introduction to Literary Theory 13
Graduate Electives
Select three of the following: 19
Special Topics in Advanced Studies of Spanish Language
History of Spanish Language
Medieval Spanish Literature to the Fifteenth Century
Theatre of the Golden Age
Prose and Poetry of the Golden Age
Enlightenment and Romanticism
Spanish Novel of the 19th Century
The Generation of 1898
Spanish Fiction and Film
Contemporary Spanish Theater
Contemporary Spanish Novel
Contemporary Spanish Poetry
Colonial Latin American Literature
Latin American Literature of the 19th Century
Contemporary Latin American Novel
Contemporary Latin American Theater
Modernismo in Latin America
Latin American Novel: After the Boom
Contemporary Latin American Short Story
Contemporary Latin American Poetry
Special Topics in Spanish, Latin American and Caribbean Literature
Autobiographical Acts in Spain and in Latin America
Total Credits48