Sustainability Science, Sustainability Leadership Concentration (M.S.)

Program Requirements

Core Courses
EAES 509Current Issues in Sustainability Science3
EAES 575Environmental Economics3
EAES 591Methods in Environmental Research3
Complete twice to earn 2 credits2
Colloquium in Environmental Management
Major Electives
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Conservation Biology: The Preservation of Biological Diversity
Hazardous Materials Management
Energy Transitions: A Global Dependence
Geographic Information Systems
X-ray Microanalysis
Organic Geochemistry
Environmental Forensics
Applied Groundwater Modeling
Pro Seminar
Spatial Analysis
Advanced Environmental Remote Sensing and Image Processing
Energy and the Environment
Earth Systems Science
Modeling in Environmental Science
Fundamentals of Statistics
Professional Skills Courses
EAES 565Environmental Change and Communication3
EAES 760Organizational Environmental Management3
Select one of the following:3-4
Building Sustainable Communities
Environmental Forensics
Water Resource Management
Environmental Law
Environmental Law and Policy
Waste Management
Environmental Problem Solving
Air Resource Management
Urban Systems Analysis
Urban and Regional Planning
Urban Studies and Policy Analysis
Urban Contamination
Seminar in Environmental Management
Environmental Law and Policy
Capstone Internship Requirement
EAES 696Applied Research or Internship Project in Sustainability Science6
Total Credits32-33